Message from the Director
Dr Robin Robers

As noted in this year’s Conference theme, we were looking into the future but it certainly was not to get the most powerful hurricane ever to hit the Bahamas. Dorian was a devastating category 5 Hurricane. But we are a resilient people; we will rebuild a better Bahamas. With this spirit of renewal, we at the UWI School of Clinical Medicine and Research, The Bahamas, (though at a later date) welcome you to our 13th Annual Research Symposium: Modern Medicine: The Future is Here, Today

This conference is a focus on the recent advances in medicine as science strives to conquer cancer. It is about targeted therapy and immunotherapy as medicine seeks to move from the shot-gun approach to cancer treatment, to personalized medicine to eradicate cancer. It is with great pride that we have Dr. Sophie George as our RBC lecturer to lead us from bench research to the bedside; a Caribbean researcher who has distinguished herself in the field of molecular genetics.

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Conference Countdown

Event Details

This year marks our Thirteenth Annual RBC Research Day Scientific Conference in which our faculty and students showcase their research projects.The theme for this Research Day is “Modern Medicine, The Future Is Hear Today”

The two-day event is being held on October 31 to November 1, 2019 and has been approved for CME credits. World renowned international and local speakers, experts in the field have been invited to be a part of the program.

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