Message From The Prime Minister
The Honourable Dr Hubert Minnis MP

The University of The West Indies School of Clinical Medicine and Research’s 13th Annual Research Day is being held in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, an unprecedented catastrophic event, which engaged medical teams in providing care to the residents of the affected islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. Reports abound of the heroism and dedication of those persons providing care during the Hurricane and its aftermath. This Research Day will no doubt provide an opportunity for some important reflections.



Message From The Minister of Heath
The Honourable  Dr. Duane  Sands MP

On the occasion of the 13th Annual Research Day Conference, I am pleased to extend warm greetings to all presenters and participants. This two-day symposium will prove to be inspiring and innovative. Within the last century, there have been substantial and meaningful medical and technological advancements in the field of medicine. The conference theme: Modern Medicine: The Future is Here Today, acknowledges the developments that have revolutionized the medical world in our lifetime. The information shared at this conference will motivate you professionally to continually ignite the spark for modern medical research and publication.



Message from the Minister of Education
The Honourable Jeffrey L. Lloyd, MP

It is my honour to bring greetings at this 13th Annual Research Day, is being hosted by the University of The West Indies School of Clinical Medicine and Research, The Bahamas. This conclave is key, as it provides an opportunity for collaborative research and dialogue that is centered on addressing and targeting medical issues in The Bahamas, which present challenges peculiar to our country and more specifically, our small island settlements.



Message from Royal Bank
Nathaniel Beneby, Managing Director,

RBC Royal Bank is pleased to sponsor the 13th Annual Research Day held by the University of the West Indies Clinical Programme, The Bahamas. For over a century RBC and our employees have been an integral part of The Bahamas helping causes, supporting needs, and giving back to the communities we serve.

Supporting research and educational initiatives that will improve the health of Bahamians is a core area of focus for our community involvement programmes. Our goal is to provide sponsorships and donations that will have a lasting social impact. The medical research conducted through this programme will benefit a wide spectrum of persons in The Bahamas and wider Caribbean.



Message from the Director
Dr. Robin Roberts

As noted in this year’s Conference theme, we were looking into the future but it certainly was not to get the most powerful hurricane ever to hit the Bahamas. Dorian was a devastating category 5 Hurricane. But we are a resilient people; we will rebuild a better Bahamas. With this spirit of renewal, we at the UWI School of Clinical Medicine and Research, The Bahamas, (though at a later date) welcome you to our 13th Annual Research Symposium: Modern Medicine: The Future is Here, Today



Message from the Research Committe
Dr Darron Halliday

I congratulate the students and faculty of The University of the West Indies School of Clinical Medicine and Research for working tirelessly to ensure that this Research Symposium became a reality. Despite the monumental task, the desire to improve the status quo and answer the difficult questions for the benefit of the people of The Bahamas served to catalyse the completion of these projects