Glenn Jones

Associate Lecturer
Epidemiologist and Radiation Oncologist
University of the West Indies, The Bahamas

Dr. Glenn Wayne Jones is a clinical epidemiologist and radiation oncologist, practicing in The Bahamas and in the Eastern Caribbean.  Many of his formal academic contributions are available at  He is affiliated with the University of Toronto and UWI.  His primary research theme is to prove, improve and transform the value of healthcare through studies and analytics that focus on optimizing causal relations through bigger clinical datasets. 

His passions include teaching research methods, data management and biostatistics, and expanding psychosocial and supportive care to address patient distress.  He enjoys using Stata for analyses and for simulations.  He is a scientific officer for a number of randomized trials conducted by the International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations, in cancers of the esophagus, breast, cervix, rectum and lung.  Dr. Jones is an internationally recognized expert in Mycosis Fungoides, a cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.  As a teacher, he has mentored over 100 students and staff in over 50 research projects.  His chapter in the 2013 WHO Handbook for Cancer Research in Africa encourages all clinical students and staff to engage in clinically oriented research using smart designs to capture data efficiently and accurately in the context of daily clinical work.