Michelle Sweeting

DR. B Michelle Sweeting  BSc., M.B.B.S., MPH/R., DM-EM  is a native of The Bahamas and a graduate of Queen’s College. Further secondary and undergraduate education continued in Europe, with Dr. Sweeting graduating with a Medical M.B.B.S. Degree from Semmelweis University (Semmelweis Orvostudomanyi Egyetem), Budapest, Hungary. Post Graduate Studies continued at University of the West Indies with external rotations at Hartford Hospital CT, resulting in Dr. Sweeting being awarded a Doctorate in Medicine-Emergency Medicine. Further medical academic accomplishments include specialty certifications in acute wound-care management, critical-care management, adult education in teaching & learning and a postgraduate degree in Public Health Management, Research and Epidemiology (UK). Academia further includes numerous lecture presentations given within national and international scientific medical forums, schools and media; with both local and international journal publications. Previous medical associated positions held included EM Consultant at Accident & Emergency Department, Princess Margaret Hospital, PHA and Doctors Hospital and member of the UWI/SCMR/Bahamas Research Committee. Dr. Sweeting is also the co-chair of the PHA/UWI Research Ethics Committee, an Associate Lecturer at the UWI School of Clinical Medicine & Research Bahamas and a regional examiner for the UWI Surgery M.B.B.S. and the DM in Emergency Medicine exam; Clinical/Academic Supervisor for External Residents for Royal College Emergency Medicine (UK) and University of Edinburgh (UK). She is presently the Clinical Director & Emergency Medicine Consultant for the Accident & Emergency Medicine Service at the Rand Memorial Hospital, Grand Bahama Health Services in The Bahamas, where she hope to serve out her tenure with professionalism while providing quality evidence-based management for her patient population. Dr. Sweeting’s personal statement is “To Make Yesterday’s Failure Tomorrow’s Success”.