Message from the Prime Minister

Message from The Prime Minister, The Honorable Dr Hubert Minnis

The University of The West Indies School of Clinical Medicine and Research’s 13th Annual Research Day is being held in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, an unprecedented catastrophic event, which engaged medical teams in providing care to the residents of the affected islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama. Reports abound of the heroism and dedication of those persons providing care during the Hurricane and its aftermath. This Research Day will no doubt provide an opportunity for some important reflections.

“Modern Medicine: The Future Is Here Today”, the theme of this 13th Annual Research Day is most timely as our people are constantly demanding greater access to modern applications, diagnosis and treatment, especially, in an environment where access to technology and
information has created greater public awareness of what is available or possible.

I understand that among the outstanding presentations that will be made to this annual gathering is “The Future to Curing Cancer is Here Today: Precision Medicine From Bench to Bedside”, by Dr. Sophie George, Assistant Professor, Division of Gynaecological Oncology at the Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine and a full member of the Slyvester Comprehensive Cancer Institute.

Dr. George is a native of the Caribbean and is part of a team of multidisciplinary team who studies the incidence of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome and Genetic Mutations in Afro-Caribbean nationals, which should be of tremendous interest. I wish to commend all the distinguished international and national presenters and professionals who will share their knowledge and expertise with the meeting and its enthusiastic participants.

The 13th Annual Research Day is yet another great opportunity for the health care community, professionals and the student body to participate in this enriching experience. I also wish commend the various partnerships with the University of The West Indies School of Clinical Medicine and Research, which has contributed to the realization of this Day.


The Honorable Dr Hubert Minnis